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Firuzeh is NCCAOM Board Certified and licensed by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
What is Electro Dermal Screening and Acupuncture?
Homeopathy & Healing
Th​is is a health system that is based on the assertion that the body has a self-healing ability.
Computerized Analysis
We may practice alternative medicine, but that does not mean we do not make full use of technology.

Electro-Dermal Screening
This is a computerized analysis measuring frequencies from acupuncture meridians on the body.  A flat probe is used on the fingers and toes to obtain these readings.  Since the acupuncture meridians have pathways to organs alongside the nervous system, we can use this method to reach our goal.
Electro- Dermal Screening is a form of bio-feedback therapy, used to assess whether the output from each organ is 100%. Organs not functioning at that level, are identified and brought into balance using Acupuncture, Combination Homeopathics, and Herbal Remedies.

what to look forward to

Rest assured, you will receive the best I have to offer in quality of care. Since 1999, I have been a professional healthcare provider,  licensed in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.​

I look forward to helping those who are seeking optimal preventative healthcare and wellbeing in conjunction with high tech system of modern medicine. When struggling to get your body and mind back in balance, acupuncture, herbs and combination homeopathic tinctures are a powerful way to speed up the body’s natural healing process.

My goal is to offer you the best that Oriental Medicine & Preventative Medicine has to offer.
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Acupuncture & Allergy 


When you are not feeling well  
and the issue is too subtle for  Allopathic Medicine to identify and treat, 

Preventative Medicine

can too often identify that which the body needs in order to restore balance and bring quality of life.